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Photo of wooden calendar displaying February 29th: Leap Year 2024

Leap Into Adventure: Rawah Ranch’s Leap Year 2024 Package

2024 is a Leap Year, and Rawah Ranch is getting ready for an extra day of excitement! In honor of this special Leap Year, we’re offering a limited-time deal: book three nights and get the 4th for just $29. In addition to our special offer, we will be sharing some interesting facts about the Leap Year, covering why we have it and what would happen if we didn’t. Don’t miss out; book your Colorado ranch getaway today and leap into adventure!

What is a Leap Year?

Have you ever wondered why we have Leap Years? It’s all related to how long Earth takes to orbit the Sun. It takes Earth approximately 365.25 days to orbit the Sun, meaning an extra quarter of a day needs to be accounted for. Leap Years were added to compensate for that extra time by adding a calendar day every four years. In turn, this makes it so our calendar year correctly matches the solar year. 

Except, it’s a bit more complicated than that since our rotation is not exactly 365.25. This means that if a year is divisible by 100, it is NOT a leap year unless it is also divisible by 400. So, Leap Years do not always happen every four years!

Why Do We Have a Leap Year?

Leap Years began over 2,000 years ago, first enacted by the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar. With the assistance of his astronomer, the Julian calendar was born, and an extra day was added every four years. 

Without a leap year, our calendar year would fall out of sync with our astronomical year, causing seasons to drift over time. This would result in seasons occurring at different times relative to the calendar year. For example, our summers could start in December instead of June. Check out this YouTube video for a helpful graphic on this phenomenon!

Leap Year at Rawah Ranch

Thanks to the leap year, summers at Rawah Ranch always stay warm and comfortable for our guests. Book your Colorado summer getaway at Rawah Ranch and make the most of the season with our authentic Western activities: 

2024 Leap Year Package at Rawah Ranch

Leap into adventure with Our 29-Day Sale: book three nights and get the 4th for just $29! Book our 2024 Leap Year package and experience Colorado’s best luxury guest ranch this summer. Please contact us at 310-613-5075 for assistance in booking your ranch getaway!

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