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Meet the Herd

We Can’t Wait To For You to Meet the Animals at Our Colorado Ranch Resort


Breed N/A

One of Ron's favorite. An older fellow with nice temperment but still one of the dominant horses of the herd. He also is fickle. He will love you one day, and the next ignore you .


Fast n Furious Fire- AQHA

Churro is a bit skittish and less dominant in the herd. He is always watching and aware of what is going on and moves out of the way of the others.



Nico calls Claire his girlfriend. He loves her curly long mane and she equally adores him. She loves pets and attention and will stay very close if she thinks she will get attention. Such a wonderful gentle horse.



Creed is approachable but does not typically come up for attention but will happily get a scratch or cuddle when you approach him.


Quarter Horse

Floppy is a gorgeous horse who will come to see if you have treats, but if you don’t have anything she will promptly turn away.

French Fry


French Fry is the epitome of big things come in small packages! What a personality and honestly believes he is the same size as the full size horses. French Fry hangs out with Big Jake most the time- such a typical pairing with the physically big and small clever animal/people together.


Breed N/A

Dressage trained. Loves treats. Loves to get dirty rolling on the ground after he is bathed. Hangs out with Patron and Rocket. Very responsive. Love bug.


Breed N/A

Jake is full of nonsense and hangs around you just to see what is happening and if anyone else is getting treats. He is a beggar and pushes his way to get the most if there are hand outs. He LOVES apples and if you have them wont let any other horse (except French Fry) close.

Josie Blue

Breed N/A

Older female who has arthritis and is the mother of the herd. She gives other horses attention and all the horses respect her. If you walk up with a bridle she will try her luck to get away. Although she is old, she is still playful.


Quarter Horse

KC is shy and keeps to himself. He knows to stay clear when the big guys are in the front. He is kind and calm and will happily enjoy a brush and cuddle.

Lil-Snip (Murray)

Caps Bar Cody- AQHA

One of the older horses and loved by all the wranglers. Great tempermant towards people and loves attention but less dominant in the herd so will move off if others want attention.



Marbles is quite shy and takes a while to warm up to you. You can see you are being watched and measured to see if you are worthy of his attention. Once he learns to trust you though he will pay you full attention and he does not like to be caught and bridled. He also will get bloodshot eyes on some days and he is grumpy those days. If his eyes are clear he is nice. He does tend to stand up for himself with the other dominant horses.


Fresian Cross

Sitting on him is like sitting on a rocket ship ready to explode. Has wonderful ground manners, dressage training. Gentle giant, people pleasure. Loves a treat. Loves hanging out with his best friend Gypsy, and with Rocky. Love bug.


Breed N/A

Ranger is an older horse that gets special food and comes up and digs in the ground to show you he is hungry. He is very impatient and will bang his hooves until his food arrives. After he eats, he is very thankful and polite and comes to say thank you.


Breed N/A

Rocky is very dominant over Churro and has an ongoing feud with that horse. That said he does like attention from people and likes to come for a scratch, but only for a short time before he gets bored and walks off.


BLM Mustang

Such a loving and sweet horse that will nudge you to get attention if you are busy with someone else. She and Claire tend to hang out together and angle for all the attention. Shiloh will back away from the other horses if they are crowding but overall is very sweet and easy going.


Drews Smoky Hancock- AQHA

Smokey is a great horse and is great for younger riders without experience. He is easy to handle. We had a few teenagers on him last season that wanted something more exciting. He is good buddies with Churro.


Poco Bueno Dun Deal- AQHA

Taco loves to be brushed. If you stop and move to another horse, he will keep following you and nudging you to go back to him. He really loves brushing especially along his neck.


Breed N/A

Tex is an approachable and kind horse. He hangs out with Big Jake and enjoys a good scratch between the ears.


Azuls Pine Tarjar- AQHA

Tonka is big and leads the pack. He is dominant and keeps everyone in line, but he also is cheeky and tries to steal Baxter's food and all the treats!


Breed N/A

Traveller is less dominant in the herd so is mindful of the bigger horses. He is very loving and gentle with people and enjoys attention and will often come to you for a scratch.


Star Eyed Blue Jack- AQHA

YP is not a strong personality in the herd and stays to himself but will take attention if you give it. He is just as happy to be on his own as he is to get attention and treats.

Y Not

Breed N/A

One of the wrangler favorites. So sweet and loving and always comes for a cuddle.



Roxie is Clyde's Mom



Leon thinks he is a horse and hangs out more with the horses. Particularly he hangs out with big Jake.



Clyde's Mom- Loves neck scratches when you can catch her and will eat just about anything you give her.



Shortstop isnt the friendliest donkey, but will sometimes approach you if you have a treat! He is definitely one to stay with the herd and not one to be off on his own much.



Loves attention and is feeling a bit sad to be in with the horses and not free roaming right now. If they get the gap they will escape to be out and about a bit but will always come back.