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Unleash Your Inner Marksman at Rawah Ranch: Skeet Shooting, Rifle Target Practice, Archery & More!

Experience the thrill of mastering firearms and archery under the expert guidance of our Activities Coordinators at Rawah Ranch. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Rawah Valley while honing your marksmanship skills in our state-of-the-art shooting and archery ranges.

Safety First

We prioritize safety above all else at Rawah Ranch. All shooting and archery activities are conducted under the direct supervision of our certified instructors. Before you embark on your shooting or archery adventure, you’ll receive comprehensive training on:

  • Firearm safety: Learn proper gun handling procedures, ammunition knowledge, and responsible range etiquette.
  • Archery safety: Master safe bow handling techniques, arrow selection, and proper target engagement.
Challenge yourself with the exhilarating sport of skeet shooting. Using a 20-gauge shotgun, you’ll simulate hunting across the plains as orange clay pigeons soar through the air, mimicking the flight of a bird. This fast-paced activity demands sharp reflexes and precise aim, offering an unparalleled rush of excitement as you shatter targets mid-flight.
For a more methodical shooting experience, our .22 rifle target practice is perfect. Our instructors will guide you through proper rifle sighting techniques, ensuring you hit the bullseye consistently. You’ll have the opportunity to test your accuracy against a variety of targets, including both paper and steel “pingers” that offer a satisfying ring when struck. And the best part? You can take your targets home as a memento of your achievement!
Embrace the time-honored tradition of archery on our expansive range. We offer a wide selection of recurve and compound bows to suit all ages and experience levels. Practice hitting targets of all shapes and sizes, including straw and canvas bags, mock game targets, and more.

Calling all aspiring frontiersmen and women! Put your aim and coordination to the test with our exciting new tomahawk and knife-throwing activity. This quickly-growing favorite lets you channel your inner warrior in a safe and controlled environment. So, gather your friends and family and see who emerges victorious!

Ready to embark on your shooting and archery adventure at Rawah Ranch? Contact us today to learn more and book your unforgettable experience!


No, we are happy to teach you! Our Luxury guest ranch staff is well trained, and NRA certified in all methods of safe handling and shooting. 

This depends on the kids themselves, but for the most part anyone over the age of 8 should be safe to take part in most of our shooting activities.

All of our Colorado ranch activity guides are professionally trained on gun safety and review all safety rules with guests before shooting. Our current Activities Director is a 7-year NRA certified Rifle/Shotgun/Archery Shooting Instructor, and trains with all the staff to ensure the safety of everyone out on the ranges. 

No. Our luxury ranch does not allow any outside guns on property for safety reasons. We will provide the guns as well as the ammo needed for the activities on our ranges. 

Of course! We provide targets as well as safety gear (eye and hearing protection)!

Rawah Ranch provides 20 gauge and 4-10 shotguns for skeet shooting and a .22 rifle for target shooting. Our bows are either re-curve or compound bows, and we have kid and adult bows and even a few left-handed ones!

We can’t wait to welcome you home to Rawah.