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Ranch Lodging

Cozy Colorado Cabins

  • Ranch House East

    Ranch House East

    A comfortable one bedroom cabin, this pleasant dwelling makes up one half of our Ranch House pair. It contains a cozy sitting area with a fireplace as well as a door to connect it to its twin to the west. This cabin is right by our lodge, making the walks between the buildings short and easy.

    The cabin is 500 sq feet and contains an ensuite bathroom. Ideal for families or larger groups when selecting both halves of the Ranch House pair. The adjoining door can be locked on either side to provide privacy and security.


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  • Ranch House West

    Ranch House West

    A rustic two-bedroom within easy reach of the main lodge, this cabin boasts a mini-fridge and a rock fireplace for cozy evenings in after a day of activities. Enjoy the communal stone fireplace with your loved ones before retreating to personal rooms in the evening.

    This cabin is about 700 sq feet and split into three rooms – two bedrooms and the sitting room. As one half of the Ranch House pair, it contains a door that connects it to its twin to the east which makes it perfect for larger groups or families, although it’s a wonderful cabin on its own. The adjoining door can be locked from either side to provide security and privacy.


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  • East Flying Horse

    East Flying Horse

    One of our more spacious cabins, Flying Horse East offers three whole beds and a large porch to relax on. A door connects this to its western twin, allowing guests with large groups to be able to pass back and forth freely should they wish.

    At 1000 sq ft this cabin is almost like a home away from home, with two bedrooms and a communal living space. Sleeping accommodations include a King-sized bed in the master and two twin-sized beds in the other bedroom, making this a great choice for families.


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  • West Flying Horse

    West Flying Horse

    This cabin is one of our larger offerings. Heated by a wood stove and with a large porch in front, it’s a wonderful place to stay for anyone looking to enjoy social activities outside of the cabin. A door connects this to its twin to the east, allowing guests to pass back and forth freely if they want.

    This cabin is 1000 sq ft, one of our larger offerings. Containing two bedrooms, a mini-fridge, and a sitting room, this cabin is a favorite for large groups or families looking to enjoy a stay here.


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  • Cowboys


    Wake up to a riverside view in this cozy cabin. A wood stove keeps this one-bedroom nice and warm at night, and the shared porch with the Indians cabin offers a great place to hang out with other guests during the day.

    This cabin is 500 sq ft and contains a mini-fridge and an ensuite bathroom. It is also more secluded than many of our other cabins, offering a more camp-like feel and greater privacy.


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    • Cowboys outside
    • Cowboys entrance
    • Cowboys entrance
    • Cowboys entrance
    • Cowboys birch trees
  • Indians


    A delightful one-bedroom with a view of the Laramie River, tucked away in the trees, this cabin is great for those wanting a little more privacy during their stay. A shared porch with Cowboys makes a great spot to relax with other guests.

    This cabin is 500 sq ft, making it a cozy spot for any single or couple that stays here. It’s a single-bedroom offering with a luxurious king-sized bed and a mini-fridge.


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    • Cowboys outside
    • Cowboys deck
    • Cowboys deck
    • Cowboys door
    • Cowboys entrance
    • Cowboys entrance
    • Cowboys entrance
    • Cowboys entrance
    • Cowboys entrance
    • Cowboys entrance
  • Old Bunk House

    Old Bunk House

    The Old Bunk House is a wonderful little spot here on our ranch, full of rustic charm and authentic western feel. Wake up to see the horses in their corral outside your window, and enjoy the view of the mountain ridge from the front porch.

    This cabin is 350 sq ft, standalone from our other buildings. It contains a mini-fridge, a private porch, and a King Bed and a lofted Twin as sleeping accommodations. Ideal for small families or guest groups.


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    • Bunk House bed
  • Mackward


    A roomy two-bedroom cabin with it’s own front porch, Mackward is a favorite among guests coming to enjoy the wilderness. It’s set further into the woodlands of our ranch, offering a more secluded location for those wanting either privacy or an authentic forest-lodge feel.

    This cabin is 700 sq ft and is standalone from our other buildings. The sleeping accommodations for this cabin include a King-Sized bed in one and a pair of Twins in the other, and is heated by a wood-stove.


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  • Shanty


    A cozy, standalone cabin, Shanty is great for folks looking to enjoy the peace and quiet of our wilderness. Whether it’s a place to relax in private during the day or a charming room to camp out in at night after a long day of activities, it’s a wonderfully comfortable spot to stay.

    This cabin is 350 sq ft and is ideal for singles or couples. A King-Sized bed offers luxurious accommodations, and Shanty is also equipped with an ensuite bathroom and a mini fridge.


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Ranch Amenities

Homemade Rawah Signature Pastries & Coffee

We want you to feel like you’re right at home while you’re with us on the ranch. Wake up each morning to French pressed coffee and warm pastries from the Rawah kitchen, delivered right to your cabin door. We’re always happy to accommodate special dietary needs and requests.


Unwind after a long day in the saddle with a long soak in the hot tub overlooking the river behind the Lodge. Or, plan ahead for a little personal rejuvenation with a private single massage in the “Hideout.” The tranquility of Rawah Ranch brings a whole new meaning to rest and relaxation.

Pet Policy

Rawah Ranch is friendly to certified service animals who need to accompany their owners on vacation. Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring your service animal with you during your stay.

Emotional Support Animals and pets are not allowed. We have plenty of friendly ranch pets and gentle horses to make you feel at home.

*Please note all cabins must have at least one adult 18yrs+; children are not permitted to share cabins unsupervised by an adult*

Check In / Check Out

Check In Time: 3:00 pm

Check Out Time: 10:00 am

Payment Information

Currencies Accepted: USD

Payment Accepted: Credit Card, Check, Cash

Price Range: Peak Season Rates

$850 per person per night, Double Occupancy
$635 per youth per night (16 and under)

The rates listed above are the normal day rates.
Rawah Ranch requires a 3-night minimum stay.
Getaways can be booked Online with arrivals on either Wednesday and Sunday.
Not seeing the dates you’re interested in? Please call us directly at +1.800.510.7071, and we’d be happy to help you book your stay!