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Meet the Owners

Meet Ron & Lucia

There’s something almost magical about untouched woodlands, something that can be very difficult to find in most developed parts of the world these days. Still, some patches of natural beauty still exist. Rawah Ranch is one such place, and it was something both Ron and Lucia Hatfield hoped to preserve.

They’ve always been clear that they view themselves as custodians of the wilderness, here to help maintain and protect it so that it will always be available for generations down the line. Their passion and commitment to the wilderness the ranch resides upon is what drives them to ensure that everyone who visits walks away satisfied with being there.

Running the luxury guest ranch is their way of sharing the land they’ve come to love with guests from around the world. It’s their wish that by building a cozy spot to host folk in comfort, they will get a chance to experience for themselves everything from the river that cuts through the ranch to the peaks of the mountains that overlook the whole of the valley.