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photo of a night sky where people are stargazing in Colorado

The Top 5 Tips for Stargazing in Colorado

Throughout human history, we have used the night sky to navigate through the world. At the same time, we’ve looked at the night sky with awe and wonder. Unfortunately, nowadays, the night sky is becoming less visible each year due to light pollution. Light pollution has blocked the view of the Milky Way Galaxy for 80% of people in North America. Fortunately, there are still places where you can see the splendor of the night sky with clarity. You can find one of these places at Rawah Ranch. Our ranch is surrounded by untouched wilderness that offers some of the best stargazing in Colorado. Step outside your private cabin lay down a blanket, and get stargazing! 

1. Consult an Astronomy Club

A local astronomy club is a great way to connect with amateur astronomers in your area. Learn how to find planets and stars with helpful tips from those already familiar with the night sky. Here is a list of the astronomy clubs in Colorado you can consult before stargazing on your own. 

2. Dark Adaptation

One of the most common mistakes people make when stargazing is not allowing your eyes to adjust to the dark. In the dark, our pupils dilate, allowing more light to enter the eye. Dark adaptation will enable stars and planets to become much more visible to the naked eye. We recommend letting your eyes adjust to the dark for around 20 minutes before you start stargazing. And bring along a red flashlight to avoid your eyes readjusting to the white light of an ordinary flashlight. 

3. Start with Binoculars 

When people start stargazing, they often think purchasing a telescope is the first step; however, that’s not true! An average pair of binoculars is more than enough to get you started on your stargazing journey.

4. Use a Star Chart or App

Using a star chart or mobile app is the best way to find stars and planets in the night sky. Check out the star chart every month to see the highlights you’ll be able to spot when you go stargazing. Mobile apps such as Stellarium and Starwalk are great options to navigate the sky from your exact location. 

5. Learn Star Patterns & Planet Spotting

The best way to find constellations on your own is by finding noticeable patterns in the sky. If the light sparkles, it’s most likely a star; on the contrary, a planet doesn’t and appears to be stationary. The best place to start is at the moon to find the ecliptic; the path of the planets all follow this line. This website is a helpful tool to find out what time planets will be visible by your location.

Cabin Stargazing in Colorado at Rawah Ranch

Reconnect with nature in Northern Colorado at Rawah Ranch. Spend your days in the sunshine while fly fishing, hiking, or horseback riding. And when night comes, set up a spot outside for some of the best stargazing in Colorado. Gaze up at the sky with wonder, follow our tips, and try to point out your favorite constellations. Then when you’re done, walk back to your cozy cabin and rest up in your spacious master suite before more exciting adventures tomorrow! Book a cabin today and join us for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

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