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Photo of water and scenery during a Colorado hiking vacation

Colorado Hiking Vacation at Rawah Ranch

Hiking vacations have become a popular way for tourists to connect with nature and explore the beauty of the natural world. The diverse landscapes of Colorado have made it one of the best spots in the world to enjoy the great outdoors. And planning a Colorado hiking vacation is made easy with Rawah Ranch. Our authentic western ranch is located in one of the most unspoiled valleys in the country, with accessible trails right from the ranch. Hike past sparkling waterfalls, rugged mountains, and keep an eye out for wildlife on our beautiful trails. Read on to discover why Rawah Ranch is the best choice for a Colorado hiking vacation. 

On-Site Hiking Trails

Set off for a short or all-day hike right from the ranch into the Rawah Wilderness. Explore the trails on your own or join us on a guided walk. We have trails for all ages and fitness levels so that everyone can enjoy a Colorado hiking vacation at Rawah Ranch. 

  • The Valley: Hike this four-mile trail through the lush valley floor and walk past beautiful aspen trees. The terrain is flat here, providing an excellent opportunity to see wildlife in the distance. 
  • Lily Pond: The Lily Pond Trail spans two and a half miles along the east ridge line. Although this trail is short, the inclines can make it moderately strenuous. Hike around a beautiful lily pad-covered pond and keep a lookout for moose on this trail. 
  • Overlook: The Overlook trail is a two-and-a-half-mile hike rated easy to moderate. There are only a few inclines, so this trail is friendly to most skill levels. This is the best spot to take in panoramic views of the ranch and relax. 
  • Ditch: Hike this five-mile trail along the west ridgeline above the ranch. This is a moderate hike because of the inclines and ledges here. The trail follows a beautiful stream along the historic Rawah Diversion Ditch. We recommend hiking this trail with a guide so that you can learn about the fascinating history of the ditch. 
  • Waterfall: This trail conveniently starts right next to the main lodge at Rawah Ranch. The hike up is a bit challenging, but it’s worth it for the spectacular views of a waterfall in the mountains.
  • Skyline: The Skyline trail is the most challenging hike on this list, with many incline points and ledges. Once you reach the top, you will take in breathtaking views of the Rawah Peaks, sprawling valleys, and our spectacular ranch! 

Rawah Wilderness Hiking Trails

Since we are close to Rawah Wilderness, you can access many more hiking trails just a short drive from the ranch. Embark on a short or all-day hike into the Rawah Wilderness and witness the awe-inspiring views of the Rocky Mountain and Medicine Bow ranges. Here are just a few trails you can access nearby:

  • Link-McIntyre Trail Head: This trail is about 6 miles from our ranch and is the most accessible way to access Rawah wilderness. You can park just past Browns Park Campground and then use the Link-McIntyre trail to access several other scenic routes.
  • Medicine Bow Trail: The Medicine Bow Trail can be accessed from Link-McIntyre about 7 miles in. Once you’ve reached this trail, you will take in panoramic views of the Laramie River Valley and the Rocky Mountains. 
  • Rawah Trail: The Rawah trailhead is the best way to access the lakes within Rawah Wilderness. Trails access Big Rainbow Lake, Camp Lake, Upper and Lower Sandbar Lakes, and several others. Discover endless ways to explore the beauty of the region on these trails during your Colorado hiking vacation. 

Follow the links to learn more information about directions, hike descriptions, and connecting trails.

All-Inclusive Colorado Ranch Resort

Our luxury western ranch is an excellent choice for a Colorado hiking vacation. But, we have much more to offer than scenic hiking trails. Rawah Ranch is an all-inclusive western experience where you can find your inner cowboy or cowgirl. Other activities at the ranch include fly fishing, horseback riding, shooting, archery, and daily programs for kids. Join us at Rawah Ranch and explore the Northern Colorado wilderness during your next hiking adventure.

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