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Horseback Riding in Colorado | Exploring the High-Country at Rawah Ranch

Photo of people exploring the Best Horseback Riding in Colorado

Colorado’s high country has some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. This rugged area of the Rocky Mountains is pristine and perfect for horseback riding. With Rawah Ranch, you can explore private trails on horseback, winding through mountain waterfalls, rivers, aspen groves, and valleys. We have trails that access the entirety of the Rawah wilderness. Including the waterfall trail and the skyline ride, which offers breathtaking views of the Rawah Peaks. Our knowledgeable wranglers are happy to guide you through the high country. So join us for an unforgettable vacation and experience the best horseback riding in Colorado right here at Rawah Ranch.

Horseback Riding on Rawah Ranch 

We have a variety of trail options in the Rawah wilderness that can be accessed from the ranch. For certain riding activities, skill level restrictions may apply. Read through these options to find the best trail option for you.

  • The Valley: Begin your horseback riding with a leisurely flat ride perfect for beginners. Ride through the breathtaking valley and keep an eye out for wildlife. The Rawah Wilderness is an excellent place to see a diverse range of animals, including moose, deer, and bighorn sheep. If you don’t see wildlife on this ride, try the Lily Pond.
  • Lily Pond: Embark on a picturesque ride along the east ridge that ends at a captivating lily pad-covered pond. And if you are lucky, you will witness moose stopping for a drink at this lily pond. This ride is a bit more difficult, but we promise it’s worth it!
  • Peterson: Start with a flat open ride before entering wooded areas of old-growth spruce and firs. The wildlife seen on this ride is from a neighboring ranch that hosts cattle and horses, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Waterfall: Take the Rawah trail blossoming with wildflowers and end up at an awe-inspiring waterfall in the mountains. See this gorgeous waterfall up close by taking a short hike when you arrive. This is a perfect ride for beginners who are after an easy and scenic riding trail.
  • Ditch: Ride along the historic and impressive Rawah Diversion Ditch, which has existed since 1910. You’ll love riding on the nearby trails and keeping a lookout for birds such as red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, and ravens. 
  • Skyline: The skyline ride is a perfect opportunity for panoramic views of the ranch and valleys. Select this adventure for picturesque views of the rugged Rawah Peaks, wildlife, and dense forests. 

All Day Rides with Rawah Ranch

Rawah Ranch offers longer rides off-property as well. We provide trailer rides to exciting horseback opportunities that are not available on our property. Check out these options below.

  • Ghost Town: Ride into the past and see the location of an 1800’s mining camp. Dismount and venture into the cabins that stand to this day. This is a perfect, laid-back ride to walk, trot, or lope into history. 
  • Sand Creek: It doesn’t get more scenic than the Sand Creek ride. This exploratory ride provides endless spectacular views of the Rawah Mountain Range. This is the best way to experience the splendor of the Colorado wilderness. 
  • Ditch (West Branch): Leave right from the ranch and head out to the West Branch Trail. This beautiful ride features enchanting wildflowers and a lake view backdropped by the Rawah Range. 
  • Middle Mountain: Explore the high country with stunning views of the mountains and nearby ponds during this ride. You won’t regret a day of exploring this trail with our wranglers at Rawah Ranch.

Luxurious Western Lodging at Rawah Ranch

There is no better way to experience Colorado wilderness than on horseback. Stay with us at Rawah Ranch and spend your days embarking on the best horseback riding in Colorado. We have nine cozy cabins to choose from, including the Cowboys cabin, which features a back porch overlooking the Big Laramie River. Choose to stay in the Mackward cabin if you are traveling with a large group. This cabin features a master suite, second bedroom, front porch, wood stove, and incredible views! If you have any questions about horseback riding or other attractions on the resort, please call us at 800-510-7071. Book a room at our luxury western ranch today!

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