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Horseback Riding

Saddle Up with Rawah Ranch!

The time you spend in the saddle at Rawah is the quintessential element of your ranch vacation. Riding through thousands of acres of pristine and protected high-country Colorado wilderness is the ultimate western experience. There’s something incomparable about exploring private trails past mountain waterfalls and across rivers, through aspen groves and into peaceful valleys. From hundreds of miles of riding on 22+ trails to perfecting your lassoing skills on the lawn, Rawah Ranch is sure to fulfill all of your horseback adventures!

Rawah Ranch welcomes family with children of any age. Depending upon size and riding ability, children 6 years old and younger have the option to ride in the arena with our Wranglers’ one-on-one instruction. For certain riding activities, weight and skill level restrictions may apply. Rawah Ranch staff reserves the right to modify or refuse riding option for guests based on necessary skill level and other safety factors. Please note there is a 250lb rider weight limit. Contact us today with any questions.

Trail Options

On Property

the vallery
The Valley

A nice leisurely flat ride through the valley floor, great opportunity to see a lot of wildlife. Ability to walk, trot, and lope. There are various routes we take through the valley with different views.

Lily Pond

Pretty ride along the east ridge line to and around a gorgeous lily pad covered pond that is often shared with many moose. Ability to walk, trot, and lope (if continued into the valley) but some sections do include inclines.


North of the property in a pasture, you can walk, trot, and lope on this ride. Ability to see a lot of cattle and rodeo bucking horses from a neighbor ranch. A great mix of flat open riding and hilly wooded areas. 


This is a popular walk-only ride up the Rawah Trail to a gorgeous waterfall in the mountains. In order to view the waterfall you will have to dismount and hike about 100 yards up an incline.


A scenic ride up the side of the west ridge line above the ranch along the historic Rawah Diversion Ditch that was completed in 1910. This horseback ride does have ledges and inclines, but the option to trot and lope in valley is available


Great overlooks of the ranch and valleys, as well as an incredible vantage point for viewing the stunning Rawah Peaks. This is a walk-only ride due to many inclines and terrain changes. 

Off Property/All Day Rides

Ghost Town

A 10 minute trailer ride S of the ranch to view the old mining camp from the late 1800s with cabins still intact. You are able to dismount your horse and explore the old cabins. You can walk, trot and lope on this adventure.A 10 minute trailer ride S of the ranch to view the old mining camp from the late 1800s with cabins still intact. You are able to dismount your horse and explore the old cabins. You can walk, trot and lope on this adventure.

Sand Creek

A 10 minute trailer ride NE of the ranch, this is a very open ride, but arguably the best views of the area and of the Rawah Mountain Range. If you want an exploratory ride with constant views this is a great choice. It can be a walk, trot, or loping ride.

Ditch (West Branch)

This ride leaves from the ranch, however, it travels the valley all the way south to the West Branch Trail. From there you will take the Ditch Road North to get back to the ranch. This ride can be a walk, trot or loping ride in some areas, there will be some ledges and inclines along the ditch road.

Middle Mountain

a 10 minute trailer ride NW of the ranch, a mostly wooded ride with limited options to lope. Beautiful ponds and a great view to the south of the valley and the mountain ranges.


Do I need to know how to ride?

No, we are happy to teach you basics in the arena before you go out on a trail ride.

Is there specific riding attire?

Yes, long pants, preferably jeans, and cowboy boots. We do have boots available to borrow if you do not own a pair.

Can I wear my hat instead of a helmet?

Guests under 18 years of age are required to wear helmets. Riders 18 and older can sign a waiver and ride without a helmet. Of course you would be allowed to wear any hats you’d like.

Will I ride the same horse the whole week?

Yes, you will ride the same horse unless the wranglers feel there is a need to change it for any reason that may come up.

Do I have to bring my own boots? / What if I don’t own any boots?

No. Rawah Ranch has a room full of boots for kids and adults, many different sizes, for your use during your stay! We just ask that you return them before you leave.

Are there lesson options available if I want to learn more about horseback riding?

Our wranglers are happy to work with you in the arena on improving your skills! 

What types of lessons are offered at your Colorado horse ranch?

If you are a beginner we are happy to teach you basics such as mounting, walking, stopping, turning and backing up. For those that are looking for a little more training, we have instructors that will teach you how to lope in the arena. The goal of our lessons is to help you feel more confident with horses and riding, so please ask the wranglers if you would like to work on something specifically.