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Pond & Afternoon Activities

Our Dude Ranch Pond & Afternoon Activities


Cool off after a long day at our pond across the river with a paddle board or paddle boating or join a friendly competition out on the front lawn with one of our many dude ranch yard games in the Colorado mountains!

When you’re ready to relax for the afternoon, we have puzzles, reading, and indoor games in the Rawah Ranch Lodge! These activities are a great way to put your feet up before dinner! Or join us for a friendly game of Volleyball, Can Jam, Corn-hole, Croquet, Bocce Ball and many more lawn games outside! Our all-inclusive Colorado dude ranch also offers rocking chairs out on the porch and a 9-hole Frisbee golf course for anyone who wants to spend a little more time in the beautiful Colorado outdoors.


Pond Activities: 

Paddle Boarding

There are two paddle boards at the pond for your enjoyment. You can try sitting, kneeling and standing while rowing around our private pond. If you are unsure of how to use them, please ask our staff, they would be happy to join you to show you what to do. 

Paddle Boating

This is a simple activity that all ages can enjoy. Our paddle will comfortably seat four people, although you will want someone who can reach the pedals to paddle the boat around!

Lawn/Afternoon Activities: 


Although our Colorado guest ranch’s lawn court is a little small, we still enjoy a friendly game with staff and guests of either volleyball or badminton. If you enjoy passing a ball or a “birdie” over the net this is a sport you will enjoy.

Can Jam

For this game you will need two teams of two people. The goal of this game is to see which team can get the most points by throwing 2 Frisbee into a white can over a series of turns. But wait, there are special hints and tricks to improve your chances to win! Ask our staff for more details! 


Two wooden boards with a center hole are placed across from each other. This game can be played in teams or just two people. You will get a chance to throw 4 bean bags at the opposite board to make points by landing on the board or sinking the bag into the hole. Don’t miss the chance to cancel out your opponent’s points!


You get the opportunity to design the course in this game. You start with beginning and ending posts and between the two posts there will be a series of hoops in the grass that you will have to hit a ball through using a wooden mallet. 

Boccie Ball

This game is played in two teams of 2, 3 or 4 people on each team. Starting with a smaller ball, one person will underhand toss it within the court provided. The goal after that is to get your team to toss their color ball closest to the small ball that was placed at the beginning of the game. For more details please request that a staff member at our guest ranch help you learn more! 

Frisbee Golf

There are 9 “holes” set up around the ranch, using the map provided you will start at the first one and work your way to the end. This game is very similar to regular golf - you will start at a tee off point in which you will aim at a standing metal basket with chains in hopes to get it in the basket. If you don’t make it in on your first try you will get to throw from where your Frisbee landed to try again. You will continue this until you make it in the basket. 


Do you have Personal Flotation Devices available (PFD)?

Yes, we have plenty of different sizes at your convenience. We do recommend that all guests wear a PFD. For those under the age of 18 or in the care of the Children’s Program, PFDs are required to get on the water. 

How deep is the pond at Rawah Ranch?

It is about 6-8 feet at it’s deepest, depending on the amount of yearly rain fall.

Are these guided ranch activities?

Not typically, it is available to you at any time during the day. However, our staff would be more than happy to join you if you would like!

Will the staff be participating in these activities?

Our staff loves joining for all these activities, but if you would prefer some family time while participating they are happy to cheer you on from the sidelines instead!

Will someone at be around to explain the rules if we don’t know how to play?

Of course! The Rawah Ranch staff would be happy to explain any indoor or outdoor game to you!

Can we take a game back to our cabin to play and relax on our own?

This is encouraged! We do have activity baskets in all of our cabins that have some games in them, if you don’t have the game you were looking for please ask and we will see if we have it!