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Photo of ranch animals: donkeys

Meet the Rawah Ranch Animals: Horses, Donkeys, Cows & More!

Rawah Ranch welcomes every guest with open arms, hooves, and paws. From the moment you arrive, you will be greeted by a drove of donkeys grazing in the distance, a pasture of beautiful horses, and a family of fluffy Scottish Highland cows. Our Colorado ranch is not only a destination for outdoor adventurers and those seeking an authentic taste of the west, we are also a place for animal lovers. A place where you can wake up in a historic cabin to the bray of donkeys and explore the untouched beauty of the Laramie River Valley on horseback.

We recently introduced some of our horses and donkeys at the ranch on our Meet the Herd page. Today we continue to highlight our wonderful ranch animals, including horses, donkeys, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats. So, read on to meet our herd of animals virtually and book your Colorado ranch vacation to meet our furry friends in person!

Say Hello to the Horses at Our Colorado Ranch

Since horseback riding is a quintessential element of any Colorado ranch vacation, it’s no surprise that Rawah Ranch has dozens of horses on the property. You will be assigned the same horse for every ride during your stay, offering plenty of time in the saddle and additional bonding opportunities. Ask one of the helpful staff for some treats and reward our horses with some tasty snacks!

Meet the Donkeys: Clyde, Leon, Roxie, & Friends

Now I don’t want to offend any of the other ranch animals, but the donkeys were my favorite! The donkeys Clyde, Leon, Roxie, Shortstop, and Tink, spend their time grazing and waiting expectantly for pets from guests. (Good luck trying to ignore those big doe eyes!) I hear the white donkey, Roxie, is particularly fond of neck scratches. When it rains, you can find the donkeys hanging out under the porches of the cabins, so make sure to check your front porch for donkey visitors during your stay!

See Our Fluffy Scottish Highland Cows

Rawah ranch animals: scottish highland cows

If you’ve seen those pictures online of fluffy cows, you were most likely admiring Scottish Highland cows. These gentle giants are distinguished by their long horns and flowing locks. Our ranch is home to three highland cows, including one of the newest adorable additions to the Rawah family on the right. 

Greet the Goats, Pigs, & Chickens

Rawah ranch animals: goats

Behind the Fishing Lodge and East Flying Horse cabin, you will find the pen with our three goats and two pigs. The pigs ironically named Pork Chop and Bacon are more than willing to come up to the fence and sniff you out for treats. The goats’ Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles are more likely to watch you curiously from a distance, but they grow friendlier each day! You will also find our resident chickens if you head inside the building connected to the pen.

Find the Dogs & Cats at Rawah Ranch

Rawah ranch animals: picture of golden retriever

In addition to our ranch animals, some of our staff have pets of their own that wander the property. I can’t guarantee that the same dogs and cats will be at the ranch during your visit, but I encountered five lovely dogs and two elusive cats during my stay. You will never lose sight of the mountain trail with the golden retriever Willow as your hiking guide! If you are wondering where the dogs hang out on the property, I recommend heading to the back of the Rawah Lodge before meal times to find everyone and give them some pets!

Coming Home to Rawah Ranch

After arriving as a guest at Rawah Ranch, I left the property feeling like a part of the family. Waving goodbye to the donkeys, I was soon left longing to reconnect with the people and animals that make Rawah so unique. This is why so many families return to our ranch year after year- because when you arrive at Rawah, you’ve come home.

Are you dreaming of friendly donkeys and horseback rides in the mountains? If you are, it’s time to book your vacation at Rawah Ranch! Meet our ranch animals in person and discover your home away from home at Rawah.

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We can’t wait to welcome you home to Rawah.