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Photo of the Recon and Sniper Foundation during the Annual Rawah Retreat

The Recon Sniper Foundation Partnership at Rawah Ranch

Rawah Ranch is a proud partner of the Recon & Sniper Foundation, an organization committed to assisting veterans and organizing community events. We are honored to host one of these events for veterans every May at Rawah Ranch in Colorado’s beautiful Laramie River Valley. We provide a setting for veterans to spend time outdoors with horseback riding, hiking and fly fishing as they heal and rediscover camaraderie with like-minded individuals. We can’t wait to host another Rawah Retreat with RSF in 2022!

About the Recon & Sniper Foundation

The Recon & Sniper Foundation was founded by a group of Recon Marines, Scout Snipers, and Navy SARCs. Its mission is to provide emergency assistance and community engagement for veterans. Organized retreats with RSF offer a relaxed setting where veterans can address their mental health and experience camaraderie. Now that we know about the mission of the RSF, we would like to share our owner’s perspective of the Rawah Retreat. 

Owner’s Point of View on The Recon Sniper Foundation Partnership

As stewards of the beautiful Rawah Wilderness Ranch, we believe that it is our responsibility to share this special place. Connecting with the land is one of the simple joys of life that has often been taken for granted, but we know firsthand how important such a connection truly is. Just take one breath of our crisp mountain air and you’ll know what we mean!

It’s a great blessing to be the caretaker of such a special place and to be able to share the joy of it with others. Rawah has always been a place to heal, to recover in the beauty of nature, and to take a break from the stress and pressures of day-to-day life. 

Giving Back to Veterans

Our veterans have always had our support, and offering a place here at our ranch is the least we can do. Many of the veterans who have visited have told us how meaningful the time at the Ranch has been for them and how it positively affected their daily lives. It’s been an honor and a privilege to be able to give something back to the very people who have been willing to lay down their lives for us and our freedom. We can’t wait to welcome veterans back to our ranch for the Annual Rawah Retreat to give them a place to spend time together as they unwind and heal.

Annual Rawah Retreat

The Annual Rawah Retreat offers an all-inclusive experience for our guests. We have everything covered, from meals to lodging and activities. The RSF will put together self-healing activities such as yoga, group, and individual therapy. Additionally, our outdoor activities encourage bonding and health benefits, whether you are horseback riding or fishing in the river. Read on to discover our outdoor activities’ physical and emotional health benefits.

Physical & Emotional Health Benefits of a Rawah Retreat 

Spending time in nature is therapeutic for the mind and body. Just being outdoors reduces blood pressure, heart rate, stress, and anger. Here are a few of the health benefits of our horseback riding, fly fishing, and hiking activities: 

  • Equine Therapy: Horseback riding is a central part of our Rawah Retreat and an excellent therapeutic activity for veterans. Equine therapy provides emotional benefits like reduced stress, increased confidence, and relationship-building skills. Health benefits include improved strength, stamina, and better cardiovascular function.
  • Healing Waters: Fly fishing is another activity at our ranch for guests. Being on the water is known to lower stress and anxiety and increase overall well-being. Some studies even cite that fly fishing can help with symptoms of PTSD. Visit Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing to learn more about this unique therapy. 
  • Hiking Therapy: The Rawah Wilderness offers beautiful hiking trails to explore during the Annual Rawah Retreat. Benefits include stress relief, improved confidence, increased energy, and an opportunity to build peer relationships. 

We Can’t Wait to Welcome Vets to Rawah in 2022

Learn more about The Recon & Sniper Foundation Rawah Retreat on our partnerships page and the RSF Rawah 2022 page. Veterans’ lives have been saved and altered positively every year at Rawah Ranch. If you would like to contribute to the Recon & Sniper Foundation to sponsor future community events, you can donate to RSF here.

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We can’t wait to welcome you home to Rawah.