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The Rawah Zoo!

Beautiful Chestnut colored horse at Rawah Ranch

Donkeys, hedgehogs, and dogs. OH MY!

As a Colorado guest ranch, it may seem like horses, maybe a couple dogs, and plenty of wildlife would be the animals we have to offer at the ranch. While we do have an abundance of the usual suspects, we also have a whole mess of other critters running around! Manager Meg refuses to be an empty nester, and so we must introduce. . .

The Rawah Guest Ranch Zoo:

The lineup starts with the canine stars of the Ranch – they may be familiar faces from having visited Rawah in the past, our Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter!

Maverick the Bull dog

Maverick, the 13-year-old bull dog. Maverick spends his days laying on the deck, basking in the shade, and being stubborn.

Goose the white bull dog

Goose, the 2-year-old bull dog, spends his days bothering Maverick. Also, stealing children’s shoes, looking guilty, and getting all the attention for being (overly) energetic and cute!

Loki the Border collie

Loki, the border collie, spends his days – and entire life – fetching. We haven’t found something he won’t fetch yet. The pieces of mulch he sometimes brings for a game are so tiny and sad. So, when you’re at the ranch – kids especially – grab a stick and gear up for hours of entertainment. You will wear out first, we promise.

Gray and White Cat

Earl Felix Gray, the cat, will have the privilege of spending his FIRST summer in the beautiful Laramie River Valley. He is in for the ranch vacation of a lifetime! He was so happy to be adopted, until he met goose (probably). We are happy to welcome Earl Felix Gray to the Rawah family, and can’t wait for him to fall in love with the ranch like the rest of us have!

Hedgehog in chair

The newest, and strangest, addition to Meg’s Rawah Zoo is Cheeto, or Hedge, for short: weird and pokey, yet oddly charming. Cheeto will hopefully make a seamless transition to his new home in the Manager’s cabin in the Laramie Valley! Dude ranch vacations aren’t just for cats and dogs

Ameraucana chicks

Silky Chicks










We had twenty chickens during the 2017 season, but this year we are doubling our numbers with even COOLER chickens – no offense to the originals. New baby chicks have recently joined the family! Ameraucanas and silky’s will be at the ranch waiting for you to feed them and gather their eggs, too!

3 Mini Donkeys

Our many “minis” are a highlight for many of the children and families who come through.

baby alpacas | rawah ranch

Introducing the MOST EXCITING addition to our herd: alpacas! This will be their first summer at the ranch, and we can’t wait to have them around! We look forward to utilizing their wool with the kids, and potentially learning how to spin yarn. They make small weird noises almost like sheep; we couldn’t be any happier to welcome these fuzzy little guys home to Rawah.

But – not all our Colorado critters are pets. Stay tuned for the wildlife we will feature in the blog this spring! Click here to book a cabin and visit these animals in person!

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