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An adult horseback rider stands in the morning sun as he takes advantage of Rawah Resort's Colorado vacation packages.

Colorado Vacation Packages and Summer Events at Rawah Ranch

Now that we’ve gotten past winter, the prospect of a summer getaway to the mountains becomes more enticing with each new day. It’s hard to believe that in only a matter of weeks, we’ll be experiencing much warmer weather, longer days, and an innate desire to make the most of our time outside. Our previous blog post showcased the many fun summer activities for kids to enjoy at Rawah Ranch. Today we’ll be sticking with a similar theme, but this time, we’ll focus on the more adult-oriented Colorado vacation packages and summer events offered at our luxury ranch resort. Whether you love fishing, sipping bourbon, horseback riding, or all three, Rawah promises to deliver a quintessential Colorado guest ranch experience. So saddle up, fill your glass, wet your lines, and get ready for the summer getaway you’ve been waiting for, no matter your proclivities!

Colorado Vacation Packages and All-Inclusive Events

Guests choose Rawah Ranch because of the unique experience that sets us apart from other resorts. Authentic rustic activities, charming accommodations, abundant wilderness, and world-class cuisine are just a few of the perks associated with booking a stay in one of our luxury cabins. Furthermore, our Colorado vacation packages will surely satisfy even the most discerning traveler and may leave you wondering why you haven’t been here before. 

Horse Clinic June 13 – 17

The objective of our Horse Whisperer Clinics is reasonably straightforward; to provide a pleasurable, sound, holistic, and respectful equestrian experience that seasoned wranglers and burgeoning beginners alike can enjoy. This all-inclusive Colorado vacation package includes four days of morning and afternoon riding lessons with two incredible instructors to help you become a more confident rider. When you aren’t mastering the arts of equine husbandry and riding techniques, you’ll find our other activities to be delightful reprieves from your favorite pastime.

Bourbon Week June 20 – 26

Sometimes the most effective way to “live a little” is to loosen up with your favorite libations. Whether you prefer cocktails or straight spirits, there’s no denying that bourbon is a delectable palate pleaser that rarely disappoints. You and your party will enjoy a week filled with comforting gourmet entrees and high-quality bourbons distilled right here in the Centennial State. Between meals, we’ll provide additional bourbon-inspired activities blended with our other ongoing recreational opportunities.

Grayling Run June 27 -July 3

An eager angler holds an Arctic grayling during an all-inclusive Colorado vacation.Some fishermen and women may not realize that Northern Colorado has a thriving Arctic grayling population despite its many associations with Alaska and Canada. Because this species is relatively uncommon due to its particular environmental requirements, grayling are often found near the top of many angler’s bucket lists. Although the Arctic grayling found in Colorado are stocked by the Department of Natural Resources, they still put up a heck of a fight after migrating through our waters during the spawning season. This summer, we’ll offer avid and novice anglers an opportunity to cross off these highly sought salmonids from their catch list with a Fly Fishing Week dedicated to the annual Arctic grayling run that occurs at the High Alpine Lakes near our resort. All meals, lodging, and necessary gear like waders, boots, tackle, and flies will be included in your guest rate.

Romantic Escape Packages

We would feel remiss if we didn’t also mention our Romantic Escapes Package available from June until the end of September. Whether you desire a world-class culinary experience, couples massage, or just soaking in the hot tub before cuddling next to a fire, Rawah Resort is the perfect place for an intimate getaway. The Romantic Escape Package includes complimentary champagne and roses, a private guided trail ride, and an exclusive massage for you and your special someone.

Luxury Cabins and Ranch Resorts in Colorado

Having a place to unwind can be as simple as a quiet cabin in the middle of the alpine wilderness. Still, if you crave something more exciting and adventurous, we implore you to take advantage of our Colorado vacation packages and summer events. We take pride in delivering an exemplary rustic endeavor for anyone who joins us and has come to realize that the best vacations offer more than a place to relax—they inspire. For more information on our ongoing packages and events or to secure reservations, please reach out to us online or call 800-510-7071.

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