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view of bourbon whiskey available at Rawah Ranch during Bourbon Heritage Month

Visit Our Guest Ranch During Bourbon Heritage Month

September is Bourbon Heritage Month, and Rawah Ranch is gearing up for another fantastic Bourbon Experience this fall! We invite you to celebrate the rich legacy of bourbon at our Colorado guest ranch with our special bourbon vacation package. Savor a carefully curated selection of exquisite bourbons perfectly paired with appetizers and gourmet dinners prepared by our talented chefs. Join us for an epic bourbon-tasting experience and toast to tradition at Rawah Ranch!

What is Bourbon Heritage Month?

Bourbon Heritage Month was declared in 2007 by the US Senate. The bill reinforced the 1964 resolution that declared bourbon whiskey as a “distinctive product of the United States.” But how did we get here, and how did bourbon whiskey become known as America’s “Native Spirit?”

The exact period bourbon whiskey appeared in America is a mystery, but the first documentation of the drink emerged in the 1820s. Even where the name bourbon came from isn’t agreed upon. Some scholars believe the name came from Bourbon County, Kentucky, while others credit the name to Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Regardless of how it began, bourbon is connected to family heritage, tradition, and deep-rooted legacy in America. 

Learn more about the fascinating history of bourbon on the American Bourbon Association website!

What is Bourbon Whiskey

The United States Code of Federal Regulations defines the legal requirements for distilling bourbon. To be classified as bourbon whiskey, the liquor must meet these requirements:

-Must contain at least 51% corn

-Distilled to no more than 160 proof

-Must be aged in new charred oak barrels

-Aged a minimum of two years

-Only whiskey produced in the United States can be called bourbon

Bourbon Experience at Rawah Ranch

Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month at Rawah Ranch this September! We are offering a unique Bourbon Experience from September 3rd-16th. Join us for a week of bourbon tasting, offering a unique opportunity to sample a variety of premier and locally brewed spirits. The event begins with afternoon tastings paired with canapes, introducing the key differences and tasting notes of various bourbons. Every night you will also enjoy gourmet bourbon-focused dinner pairings. This package also includes Rawah-branded Bourbon and chocolates.

Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month at our Colorado Guest Ranch

Slow down and celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month at Rawah Ranch, offering the perfect blend of Wild West charm and modern luxury. The Bourbon Experience package is part of your all-inclusive stay, which includes activities, dining, and lodging at one price. Celebrate American heritage and help us continue the legacy of our authentic western guest ranch. Book your Bourbon Experience today, and let us welcome you home to Rawah this autumn!

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We can’t wait to welcome you home to Rawah.