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Best in Family Travel: 7 Reasons to Choose Rawah

Best in Family Travel: 7 Reasons to Choose Colorado’s Premier All-American Western Guest Ranch 

In the task of narrowing down a (literal) world of travel options, we realize that those who finally decide on a dude ranch vacation are often at the end of a long search for their next best family travel experience only to be met with: more options! In Colorado alone, there are at least twenty-four Dude Ranch Association certified guest ranches to choose from. And, of course, there are also the hundreds of other dude and guest ranches scattered across the Western United States, Canada, and the globe.  

We know the decision between best western vacations can feel daunting. How does one choose? So, in lieu of an abundance of options, here are seven reasons we can confidently say that, when it comes to your choice in guest ranches, Rawah (“ray-wah”) is among the best:


1.) An Exclusive Experience – By offering a smaller number of uniquely designed, and newly renovated cabins, even during our busiest weeks, each guest will be one of thirty at most. Rather than a-dime-a-dozen resort-type experience, we want visiting Rawah to feel like coming home.  

2.) DRA Certified – Dude Ranch Association membership means that Rawah works hard to meet the dude ranch industry’s highest standards of quality and service. Learn more about the DRA governing body here.  

3.) We’re at the Top – Taken from the insight of renowned travel experts, Equitrekking ranks the best experiences within the equine vacation industry, including Rawah’s spot on their exclusive list of the top 20 guest ranches in North America.* 

4.) Family Owned, Never Corporate – Since its beginning in 1948, Rawah has always been a privately-owned guest ranch built on one man’s vision to share the beauty of the Colorado wilderness with the rest of the world. When you visit, you’ll be taking part in this all-American legacy we are proud to call home.

5.) Adventure Riding Experiences – We offer more than just “nose-to-tail” riding opportunities here. Our wranglers work hard to accommodate first-time to advanced riders, and everyone in between, providing tailored trail rides and excursions based on our guests’ experience, ability, and interests.

6.) Rawah Gives Back – By filling our cabins during the peak season, our guests help make it possible for us to continue the meaningful opportunity we have each year to open our doors to marine combat veterans who spend a week at the ranch for rest, retreat, and renewal. Read more about our annually hosted retreat here.

7.) Don’t Just Take It from Us – Often times, our guests say it best. Although we believe that our guests returning to Rawah year-after-year speaks most highly of the unique experiences we offer, sometimes it just can’t come from us. So, we invite you to read what our past and historic visitors to have to say! 


We’d like to invite you to join us this season for the vacation adventure of a lifetime. Let us welcome you home to Rawah Guest Ranch.  


Updated 22 February 2019 

*Featured on Equitrekking’s Top 20 Ranches 

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We can’t wait to welcome you home to Rawah.