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Rawah Gives Thanks

The week leading up to Thanksgiving serves as an amazing time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for at Rawah Guest Ranch. This fall, as we began winding down the season at the ranch, we welcomed home one last group of very special guests to Rawah. A group of U.S. Marines joined us as a part of The Raider Project retreat. The Raider project is a non-profit organization which strives to “connect U.S. Marine Corps combat veterans with other veterans to help them transition smoothly, peacefully, and successfully into the private sector.” Each year, the owners, managers, and staff of Rawah Guest Ranch invite the Raiders to raid the ranch! This offering provides the Raiders the opportunity to make themselves at home, find peace through nature, participate in therapy sessions, and bond with fellow marines.

Highlighted in the Raider Project Blog, Fritz – one of the Raiders who visited us this year – gave a nice description of what he loved most about his escape to the Ranch. There is no better place than Rawah to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in order to clear your mind and mend your soul. Fritz says it best with his comments on the phenomenon:  “The Raider Project approach – one focused on growth and mental strength – is heightened at Rawah Ranch, where everyday distractions are scuttled to allow one to not only think, but to listen to ones-self.”

The best way to wrap up a season at the ranch is giving, what we can, back to the brave souls who protect our freedom. Thank you to each and every man and woman who came up to the ranch for an amazing last week of the season. We are so honored and thankful, each year, to welcome the Raiders home to Rawah.


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We can’t wait to welcome you home to Rawah.