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Photo outside historic Colorado cabins at Rawah Ranch

The Historic Colorado Cabins & Buildings at Rawah Ranch

You may think that ranch vacations are a relatively new concept, but travelers have been attracted to the appeal of the wild west for decades! One of these early destinations was our very own historic Rawah Ranch, welcoming guests with an authentic western experience since 1948. It all began when a man named Ralph Jordan established a place where travelers could stay in comfortable accommodations, enjoy hearty meals, and experience the beauty of the Northern Colorado wilderness. Seventy years later, our Colorado ranch continues to showcase our roots with our historic cabins, buildings, and property. 

When you vacation at Rawah Ranch, you will have the opportunity to stay in one of our historic Colorado cabins, upgraded with modern amenities and luxuries. We invite you to immerse yourself in a historic mountain escape in Colorado’s beautiful Laramie River Valley!

Historic Colorado Cabins at Rawah Ranch

Old Bunk House

The Old Bunkhouse was completed in 1951 and was initially designed for the Rawah staff. After the renovations in the 1960s, the Rawah owner boasted of their impressive work by stating, “We remodeled the crew’s bunkhouse into what is perhaps the most modern bunkhouse in northern Colorado.”

In 1990, the cabin underwent renovations to transform into a guest cabin. The fir floors were refinished to their original splendor, a spacious bath was introduced, and a loft was added. Today, the Old Bunk House is ideal for small families or couples looking to stay in a cabin with rustic charm.


The Mackward cabin was built by one of Rawah’s winter caretakers, Mack Ward, in 1937. 

Mackward was originally a fishing cabin with a kitchen and a small bedroom. In 1991 the interior was completely redone to accommodate the influx of guests vacationing at Rawah.

Stay in this roomy two-bedroom cabin during your stay if you are looking for a standalone cabin nestled in the woodlands.

Flying Horse

The Flying Horse cabin was built in 1957, originally called the Foreman’s Bunkhouse. It had three bedrooms, a cross hall, and two baths. Today, the cabin is split up into East Flying Horse and West Flying Horse, with a door connecting the two rooms. Both FHE & FHW have two bedrooms, one with a king-size bed and the other with two twin beds. These cabins are perfect for large groups and families who all want to stay in the same cabin!

The Shanty

The Shanty was originally a cabin used to house anglers, rebuilt and modernized in 1965. The landscaping outside perfectly compliments the natural elements inside the cabin, creating a feeling of natural harmony. This cozy historic Colorado cabin is excellent for folks looking to enjoy the peace and quiet of our wilderness.

The Ranch House

The Ranch House was built in 1956, sitting next to the trail to the Rawah Primitive area. The cabin was designed to be the best quarters found at any Colorado ranch. Like Flying Horse, the Ranch House is split into East and West pairs.

Cowboys & Indians

Cowboys deck

These are the newest cabins built at Rawah Ranch in 1995. Our Cowboys cabin offers a 500 sq ft space with a spectacular view of the Laramie River. The Indians cabin provides a very similar option and a shared porch with Cowboys.

More Historic Buildings at Rawah Ranch

Rawah Lodge

The Rawah Lodge, once known as “The Big Ranch House,” was completed in 1951. 

The Lodge was used as the original lodging area for our guests, equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and screened porches. One of the most stunning features is the fireplace, designed using 150 tons of mortar and mountain stone sourced from the surrounding wilderness.

There are many antiques and treasures to look for in The Lodge during your stay. The antiques include bellows in the living room, rodeo boots, Colorado maps from the 50s, a wagon wheel chandelier, and several photo books.

Barn, Shop, & Shed

In 1966 a combination barn, shop, and open shed was planned to be built where the blacksmith shop once stood. The barn was built to tie and saddle horses during rainy weather and shelter ranch machinery during the winter. The barn features supporting timbers using telephone poles from the old Glen Echo line, which once connected the Laramie River Valley to the outside world.

Rec Room

The recreation room was designed to cater to the groups visiting Rawah and was completed in 1967. The northwest corner walls of the Rec Room include numerous signs from Rawah’s past and historical artifacts. The rec room was spruced up with new historical artifacts in the 90s, such as sawmill blades, pack-saddles, old wash tubs, and lantern lights. You can also find a unique Rocky Mountain Shuffle Board in the rec room, made with maple trees from the Rockies.

Escape to Our Historic Colorado Ranch

Photo out

We can’t wait to welcome you to our historic Colorado ranch, where you will arrive as guests and leave as part of the Rawah family. Read more History of Rawah Ranch and learn about our storied past and the legacy we continue today. It’s time to book your 2023 getaway with Rawah Ranch!

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We can’t wait to welcome you home to Rawah.