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Photo of a moose: one of the top Colorado birds and wildlife in Rawah Wilderness

Colorado Bird & Wildlife Guide in the Rawah Wilderness

There are few places left in the country where the wilderness has remained untouched and undeveloped. One of these places remains in the Rawah Wilderness, located in Colorado’s Medicine Bow Mountain Range. Rugged mountains reach the sky, and alpine lakes create the perfect sanctuary for Colorado birds and wildlife. Moose, deer, and bighorn sheep roam the valleys as hawks and eagles fly overhead. Rawah Ranch offers an opportunity for guests to explore the unspoiled wilderness and witness this incredible wildlife in their natural environment. While you are hiking, fishing, or horseback riding at the ranch, keep your eyes peeled for these wildlife species:


Moose has made a significant comeback in Colorado over the last 20 years. In the 1970s, wildlife managers reintroduced moose to Northern Colorado. Today, there are thousands of these animals thriving in the wilderness throughout the state. We often see moose near our Lily Pond trail at Rawah Ranch.

Bighorn Sheep

Colorado’s state mammal can be seen throughout the Rawah Wilderness. Bighorn sheep are exceptional climbers and make their home on steep cliffs. They can blend in with the rocky surroundings making them difficult to spot, so make sure to pack your binoculars. Our on-site Skyline trail offers views of the Rawah Peaks, where if you scan the mountain you might see a few Bighorn Sheep.

Mule Deer

Colorado is home to one of the largest populations of mule deer in North America. These deer are distinguished by their long ears and velvet-covered antlers. They are foragers that prefer to live in areas covered with plants and trees. Our Valley trail will take you past many beautiful aspen trees and a significant amount of wildlife like mule deer.

Golden Eagle

Unlike the famous bald eagle, the golden eagle has dark brown feathers, and its diet consists of small mammals. Golden Eagles favor partially open countries, especially mountains, hills, and cliffs. These impressive raptors can have a wingspan of up to seven feet, and you may see them soaring overhead in the Rawah Wilderness.

What Other Wildlife Can I See?

The Rawah Wilderness is home to incredibly diverse Colorado birds and wildlife due to the varied landscapes. With over 20 lakes, forested slopes, open meadows, and rocky cliffs, the area is perfect for wildlife watching. Here are some of the other animals and birds to look out for:


Black Bear



Red-Tailed Hawk

White-tailed Ptarmigan

Steller’s Jay

Burrowing Owl

Of course, when looking for wildlife safety is a priority. We ask that everyone view wildlife from a safe distance and do not approach them. This tip is especially important for animals with young calves or fawns since this can make their behavior unpredictable. Lastly, please do not feed any wildlife, stay on designated trails, and respect your surroundings. Let’s keep the wildlife wild in Colorado!

Watch Colorado Birds & Wildlife at Rawah Ranch

The Rawah Wilderness is an excellent destination for watching Colorado birds and wildlife. A vacation at Rawah Ranch is all about slowing down and spending time in the great outdoors. Experience the untouched wilderness around our ranch with horseback riding, fly fishing, and hiking. Our rate includes all of these activities along with your lodging and daily meals. Start planning your retreat to Rawah today; we can’t wait to welcome you home.

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We can’t wait to welcome you home to Rawah.