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Bourbon Week At Rawah Ranch

Bourbon Week

This year Rawah’s all adult bourbon week included activities such as bourbon and brushes, our version of painting with a twist, as well as a surprise visit from a representative of Old Elk Distillery in Fort Collins to share some fun facts with our guests. Natalie was able to give our guests a class on their distilling process, the characteristics and flavor profiles of the different types of bourbon they make, and even made a special cocktail to pair with the dinner Chef had prepared. To follow up with the theme, each evening featured a fun new bourbon-based cocktail, created by one of our wonderful bartenders, and paired with the specific meals Chef had infused some bourbon flavors already. Each activity was spread out through out the week to ensure relaxing and enjoyable evening for everyone along with our regular day to day activities. We’re looking forward to another exciting adult beverage week next year, keep tuned for more information.

If you are interested in a tour or class with Old Elk Distillery in Fort Collins, you can book tours through their website or over the phone.

Phone: (970)419-7442


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We can’t wait to welcome you home to Rawah.