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Farewell, Maverick

The hustle and bustle at the Rawah Ranch for the season has begun as the staff scurries around making last-minute modifications for our incoming summer guests. The sun rises in the east each morning as the horses pour into the corral as one rhythmic wave. The sun sets in the west each evening over the tree heavy Laramie River Valley slopes. The staff emerge from their bunks to complete the morning chores, and gather around a campfire when a hard days work is done. Our guests eagerly pack their boots, packs, and excitement for upcoming horseback riding. The Tiny Hiney Farm members acclimate to their new home away from home at the ranch as Loki, the dog, runs wild in his paradise. All seems as usual at Rawah.
But, so sadly, one Rawah staple is missing.

Maverick the Bull dog

Photo by Tyler Hill | www.tylerhillphoto.com

Maverick, old buddy, old pal.

Thank you for all the good times and laughs at Rawah Ranch over the years. You made the very best mascot, and handled having your picture taken very well – whether you liked it or not! You made children and adults happy all the same with that big smile on your face as you greeted folks from near and far on the front porch.

We know that porch was your favorite spot to lay. We all apologize – one last time – for accidentally hitting you with the door as we tried to step across the threshold. Your determination in hanging out in the shade on the back patio was impressive – door latches don’t have ‘nothing on you. Your best friends Tim and Meg loved you every day more than most dogs see in a lifetime; you lucky dog.

This is an ode to Maverick: may you rest easy; we know your spirit is with us. When passing through the doors of the lodge at Rawah Ranch this season and always, please remember our sweet old Maverick with a smile.

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