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COVID-19 | Rawah's


“Rest-Assured” is Rawah Ranch’s Mission to provide a safe haven for our Guests. We remain even more committed to the health and safety of our team members and guests.

We are certain with these challenging times during Coved 19, there are questions you may have. We hope to put your mind at ease with the answers we provide to ensure your vacation is flawless and safe.

  • What precautions and procedures are our team members following? Our staff will wear PPE’s in all close contact activities and meals as well as increasing disinfecting procedures.
  • Will masks be required during our stay? While we require our staff to wear masks, we do not require our guests to do so. It is encouraged but at your discretion.
  • Is there a screening policy for in house guests? Yes, temperatures will be taken with a no-contact thermometer as well as a few screening questions.
  • Has the dining experience changed from “family-style”? We are practicing social distancing while still maintaining the family-style feel.
  • Can Guests still enjoy cocktail hour and how will it be different? Guests are more than welcome to enjoy cocktail hour, we just ask that social distancing be exercised around the bar area.
  • Will all activities still be offered? Yes, all of our activities will still be available, including evening entertainment.