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Overnight Camp Trip

Overnight Camping Trips in Colorado


Following a leisurely trail ride around Middle Mountain in Colorado, you will enjoy a delicious campfire cooked dinner with the wranglers in a spectacular spot of the Roosevelt National Forest. While the horses have their own area to sleep, you will enjoy stories around a campfire, fun outside games and some magnificent star gazing before crawling into your tent for the night.


Will food be Provided by Rawah Ranch?

Yes, you will eat a campfire cooked dinner and breakfast, and lunch will be served back at the lodge. 

Is this a good activity for Kids?

Because it is a longer ride and you will be sleeping in a tent it does depend on the child, but it has been a fun family activity for past ranch families!

How are Medical emergencies handled?

We have multiple forms of communication back to the main lodge for help or to call emergency dispatch if necessary. We also have EMT’s on site as well as a variety of medical gear on hand and our staff goes through training at the beginning of every season for CPR and First Aid as well as basic outdoor survival.  

If I change my mind and want to return to my cabin, is that possible?

Of course, we have staff back at the main lodge that would be happy to come pick you up if you change your mind. 

Do the horses stay with us at the campsite?

Yes, we do have a temporary corral that they will stay in overnight.

Do you have cots, or do we sleep on the ground?

We do have cots available, so the option is yours!

Does it get really cold at night during this Colorado wilderness adventures?

Because we are up in the mountains it does get chilly at night. But no worries, we provide you with below sub-zero sleeping bags, and canvas tents cut the chill in our Colorado air.