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Spa Getaway in Colorado: Reflexology Massages


What could be better than treating yourself to a relaxing massage after a long day in the saddle. Rawah Ranch offers an ideal single reflexology sessions by the hour as a spa add-on to your getaway. Contact us today for more information and to book a massage with your vacation package.
*Subject to availability. Advance notice required.



What is reflexology?

It is the practice of balancing the body systems through the manipulation of nerve endings in the feet. Ask your masseuse for more details!  

Can I make a spa appointment while at the guest ranch?

Advanced reservations are preferred. Although our masseuse is here most weekends, due to availability we may need to schedule an additional masseuse. 

Do you have other Massage options? (Deep tissue, Swedish, etc.)

Not on a regular basis, but please feel free to request that with our administrative assistant so she can try scheduling that for you! 

Do you offer other spa options?

We offer a few different foot scrubs and soaks, as well as your choice of essential oils to use during your massage. 

Is there anything I should do before my massage? 

Yes! Our masseuse asks that you drink plenty of water with a wholesome meal, wear comfy clothes, don’t drink coffee before, and to come with an open mind and willingness to let go. 

Is there a shower to rinse off after or do I have to go back to my cabin?

We do have a shower available to you in the spa if you would like to use it after your spa treatment.