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Hiking & Fitness

Colorado Hiking Vacation in The Rawah Wilderness

Rawah Ranch is the hiker, runner and fitness buff’s paradise. You can set off for a short or an all-day hike or run into the Rawah Wilderness or Roosevelt National Forest right from the ranch. For those wishing to make the most of the surrounding Colorado wilderness, there are several memorable all-day routes within close proximity. A short trip by car will bring you to the off-road areas of Rocky Mountain National Park, where you’ll explore the wonder of the park without all the main-gate crowds. The multiple hiking options surrounding our all-inclusive dude ranch in Colorado provide a challenge for all fitness levels and a close-up view of the spectacular Rocky Mountain and Medicine Bow ranges.

Want a little help or company on your Colorado hiking vacation? We’d love to explore with you. Rawah Ranch guided hikes range in difficulty from short hikes to all day treks. Contact us today for more information.


The Valley (4 Miles)

This is a hike that you can easily determine the length of. A nice walk though the valley floor you will come across many beautiful aspen trees and a great amount of wildlife.

Lily Pond (2.5 Miles)

A nice hike along the east ridge line to and around a spectacular lily pad covered pond, often with many moose around. This hike is rated moderate for the inclines you will encounter. 

Overlook (2.5 Miles)

A wonderful spot overlooking the ranch and a large portion of the valley. This hike is rated easy to moderate due to a few inclines, but still simple and a great place to relax! 

Ditch (5 Miles)

Along the west ridge line above the ranch there are many amazing views to appreciate and following a nice stream from the Rawah Diversion Ditch, built in 1910. This is a moderate hike due to the length, inclines, and ledges. Make sure to ask our staff about the history behind the ditch and the dispute it caused for Colorado!  

Waterfall (5 Miles)

Starting at the Rawah Trail Head right beside the main lodge, you will follow a shaded but beautiful route up to a large waterfall in the mountains. This is a moderate to challenging hike for a few steep inclines, ledges and length. 

Skyline (4.5 Miles)

This trail is one of our more difficult hikes, but worth the breathtaking views! At the top of the ridge you will get a great vista of the ranch, two valleys, and the Rawah Peaks. This is a moderate to challenging hike with many incline points and ledges.   


Do I have to have a guide to hike?

No, although we are happy to go with you, you are more than welcome to explore on your own! We have a few area maps we can give you! 

Are the hiking trails clearly marked? 

Most of them are marked by colored tape. 

Are these hikes good for kids?

That depends on the age and skill level of the child. If they hike frequently, they would be able to handle most trails. For those kids who don’t hike often, we do have some trails available that are less difficult. 

Do you provide packed lunches or snacks?

Snacks will be available for you in the main lodge, and we do provide lunches for all-day getaways and activities from Rawah Ranch.