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Children’s Program

Children’s Program at our Kid Friendly Dude Ranch

At our family dude ranch in Colorado your all-inclusive vacation includes activities for family members of every age. Our Activities Coordinators host program activities each morning during your stay, keeping our youngest guests busy with authentic cowboy pastimes while giving adults the chance to escape on other adventures.

The Rawah Ranch Children’s Program is for youth ages 4-10, but we’ve had children of all ages at the ranch participate! Depending on age/time of day, some restrictions may apply. For more information about the program, or to discuss accommodations for children under the age of 4, please contact us directly.

The Children’s Program is offered daily between breakfast and lunch mealtimes. (Not available on guest departure days).

Program Activities (AM):

Dream Catchers

Using a simple hoop, they will wrap it with suede for the structure, followed by webbing the middle with sinew, and wrapping it up with a few feathers. This is a craft they can cherish forever to protect them from bad dreams for a better night’s rest. 

Leather Branding

With the help of staff, they will cut out a shape of choice and decorate it with a variety of different leather punch designs and letters. If you want our Rawah Brand on it, ask the staff when you are around the campfire at night!

Wood Burning

burning designs, shapes, names, and much more in cut out wooden rounds. 

Rock Painting

They can paint their favorite landscape, animal, shape, letter, whatever they would like; on a rock they find around the ranch. 

Nature Walks

explore the ranch in all its majesty with a guide and other kids. They may follow animal tracks, spy different species of mammals and birds, and have all sorts of wonderful adventures here on the property!

Other Kid Friendly Dude Ranch Program offerings:

Interactive Counselor-led Games

A friendly game of volleyball, four-square, can-jam, capture the flag, or even water balloon fights!

Panning for Gold

They will get a pan and a small bottle for their findings! Our team will take them to the river behind the lodge where they will get to learn the age-old techniques of panning for gold. 

Pond Fishing

They will take a couple fishing poles and worms to our pond across the river to see what they can catch! For anybody who signs up for Fly Fishing that is under the age of 12, this will be their opportunity to fish at our pond at much greater ease. 

Nature Walks and Guided Hikes

In the Rawah Wilderness there are many new things to learn, even close to our lodge! The kids will get to go on a short hike behind the dude ranch property to learn and see the beauty of nature without having to go too far! They may even build a stick fort along the way!

Horseback Riding in Arena

For kids over the age of 5, we are happy to let them practice in the arena to fulfill their desires to ride while at the ranch. 


What ages are allowed in the kids’ program at Rawah Ranch?

For the Children’s Program (mornings only), we are happy to accept any child between the ages of 4-10 years old. We do offer accommodations for children younger than 4, and for kids during the afternoon activity times, but for an additional charge (these are services offered outside of our normal Activities Program). 

What kind of activities will my kids do in this program?

Some activities depend on age, our guides like to keep their experience authentic as well. There are limitless options, but some examples are building a tree fort, painting, meeting the residents of our small animal farm, learning to rope, panning for gold, wood burning, leather making and so much more!

Does the Rawah Ranch Children’s Program cost extra?

Within our normal parameters (ages 4-10, morning sessions), this is a service included in your stay! We want you all to enjoy your time here! For other accommodations or options, please feel free to contact us for pricing and availability. 

Is there a limit to how many days my kid(s) can participate?

No there is not! If they enjoy it, they can join us every morning! The kids usually have such a good time, they want to come back every day!