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Grayling Run

June 27th – July 3rd
Join Rawah Ranch for a unique opportunity to fish for a species that resides on most anglers bucket lists. Many anglers travel around the world in hopes of catching an Arctic Grayling. What is a Grayling you ask? Grayling are a rather elusive freshwater sport fish, often known as “The Lady of the Stream”. Equipped with an impressive “Sail” of a dorsal fin and colorful scales they are sure to make quite the impression. We are offering a bucket list experience this summer by hosting a Fly Fishing Week dedicated to the “Grayling Run”, in which the fish are migrating during their spawning season at one of our nearby High Alpine Lakes. All meals, lodging accommodations, waders, boots, terminal tackle, and flies are included.

$850 per adult per night (not including tax & gratuity).